Bravo Cabin Rentals Pet Policy

Any guests wishing to bring pets to the rented property must read, understand and
abide by the rules outlined in this Policy. The primary purpose of this Policy is to
ensure that safe and sanitary surroundings are provided for all guests, visitors, and
Owners to protect the physical integrity of the property, and to protect and
provide for the well-being of the pets themselves. Permission to bring a pet is
granted by property management and will be based in part on the pet’s weight/size,
as well as the guests ability to maintain proper control over it.
The following does not apply to service dogs.
You are REQUIRED to notify Bravo Cabin Rentals if you wish to bring your pets.

  1. Pet policy is restricted to dogs (maximum of 2), over the age of 6 months.
  2. Pets must be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations.
  3. Pets cannot be left unsupervised in the cabin.
  4. Dogs much be leashed at all times, and under the control of the pet owner.
  5. Guest must provide any puppy pads or bags to clean up properly for other guests.
  6. Bravo Cabin Rentals requires the guest to pay for any damage to the property
    caused by their pet, along with a $125 pet fee PER PET when booking.
  7. Pets will NOT be allowed on any furniture in the cabin (including beds and couches).

I, ___________________________________________________, have read the above the Bravo Cabin
Rentals Pet Policy and I understand and will abide by policy guidelines. I also understand I
must pay for any damage to property caused by my pet.

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